MIT License. Free. Opensource.

Create your RPG or MMORPG

npx degit rpgjs/starter my-rpg-game
cd my-rpg-game
npm install # NodeJS v14 only
npm run dev # and go to localhost:3000

  • Move: Directional arrows or mouse movement.
  • Action: Enter.
  • Return: Escape.
Click on button A, and start playing. If the iframe blocks the keyboard, test directly on

Your scenario


Create events

Put an event that is shared with all the other players, or an event that will have a story of its own

  • Mode Shared
  • Mode Scenario

Maps Creation


Tiled Map Editor

Uses the power of Tiled Map Editor to create maps

  • Multi-Tileset
  • Multi-Layer
  • Advanced Overlay
  • Interaction with Shapes

Collisions by tile or precise

Put precise collisions on an object for a more realistic effect

    Rendering & Performance


    WebGL Rendering

    RPGJS uses Pixi.js. Rendering uses WebGL for better performance


      Precise movement, pixel by pixel


        MMORPG Performance

        All packets sent to the client are minimized (only a few bytes). Lags are anticipated with motion interpolation and client-side prediction.

        • Low Bandwidth
        • Client-Side Prediction

        Using VueJS for user interfaces

        VueJS allows to create rich interfaces with a component-oriented structure. Create your menus with VueJS or use existing modules to display pre-built menus.

        • Prebuilt GUI (dialog box, main menu, shop menu, etc.



        Code with Typescript

        Put a control in your code. You know which properties are usable and take advantage of decorators to create classes with a sugar-syntax


          Thought for the RPG

          Don't create an API from scratch but take advantage of several commands on an event or player to set up a ready-made scenario

          • Items API
          • Classes API
          • States & Elements API
          • Skills API
          • Parameters API (hp, sp, etc.)
          • Gold API
          • Effetcs API
          • Damage calculation

          Unlimited creativity

          Modify sprites, server, etc.


            With same code: MMORPG or RPG

            Don't learn two different styles. Write a code and render it, either offline for an RPG or online for an MMORPG.

              Keyboard and ...


              Works on smartphone

              The game adapts to the screen and the player can play on a smartphone."


                Playable with a gamepad

                  Extra features!

                  Unit Tests

                  Write your unit tests (with Jest) to make your game stable

                  Query System

                  An API to find players (example, players in the field of view of an event)


                  Save the player's progress in a database


                  Display animations on the map or player

                  Chat GUI

                  Talking with other players

                  Emotion Bubble

                  Show a bubble over a character

                  And coming soon

                  Admin Front

                  A simple interface to manage players (ban a player for example)

                  Battle System

                  A turn-based fight against an AI or another player

                  Guild GUI

                  Guild system