Coming soon: Meet Web3 RPG Game

Embark on a groundbreaking journey in our Web3 RPG game, where immersive storytelling meets the innovative world of crypto and NFTs.

Wallet Integration

Seamlessly connect with user wallets like Metamask and CoinBase.

  • Enhanced security and trust through familiar wallet services.
  • Streamlined in-game transactions and asset management.
  • Personalized gaming experience based on wallet history.

ERC-20 Tokens and NFT Distribution

Distribute in-game assets with your own ERC-20 token or NFT collection.

  • Unique in-game assets for diverse gameplay experiences.
  • Increased player investment with tangible token rewards.
  • Enhanced game economy with real-world value tokens and NFTs.

Decentralized NFT Trading

Enable players to trade NFTs in a decentralized manner within the game.

  • Empower players with direct, peer-to-peer trading.
  • Create a dynamic in-game economy driven by player interactions.
  • Foster a community of collectors and traders within the game ecosystem.

Decentralized Lands

Store your game world on IPFS, sell lands, and provide access via NFT ownership.

  • Exclusive access to landowners, enhancing player ownership.
  • Decentralizing the world, buying/selling land

* The images on this page are mock-ups to illustrate the concept. The final result may be different